Sunday, May 17, 2015

Following the Lines from SIPA Columbia NYC on the Breakout panels on Risk + Cyber including the Balance of Privacy and Accountability.

In draft:

NYC has been seeing a series of meetings where important parties are coming together to discuss the needs on Risk + Cyber as related to Technology and Innovation and the Global lines on Risks to Free Speech on the main lines of Global Communication through Technology.  This maps to our lines on the local, regional, state, multi-state, national and transnational lines on Risk + Cyber (via Risk Management) as key lines related to cross sector financials and ALL to common risks observed where ALL sectors are seeing critical challenges on the private data and financial lines of risk.  We are all relevant stakeholders to the needs on Risk + Cyber which in the current age touches most everything in the Economy.

The SIPA Columbia Event is a critical event for Global Lines on follow up to Risk and Cyber lines to the Balance of Personal Liberties and Shared Accountability on a Local, State, Multi-State, National and Global Scale. Teamwork on Risk + Cyber is now moving to a faster pace and covers critical needs none the least of which correspond to Human Rights, Liberty, Freedom, Democracy itself and the deep complexity of Finding Consensus to the Balance of Local, State, Multi-State, National and Global needs. If you like Policy it's one of the more complex and interesting lines and the actual orchestration of  the critical needs on Risk + Cyber are reliant to conform with the needs and Framework of Rules and Laws that indeed the roots of Risk at times seem unbound to. Meaning that Threat Actors on Risk have some leeway to Accountability until such point in time as more cohesive lines are established to allow the cyber world to draw closer to lines of Global Regulation. But how do you map a creative format to a regulated one? well that is indeed the formation of the matter of the SIPA meetings, the President's Directives on Cyber, the Earlier Fordham Session on Cyber Law and National Security from the End of April.  All more relevant to Our Lines on Cyber but also very relevant to the needs of New Yorkers for a reasonable expectation of a balance of personal liberty and shared accountability in the Aggregate where Risk Management and Cyber Security meet and the key challenge becomes balancing needs on Privacy and Risk in gross oversimplification.

At the crux of the matter on Risk + Cyber the lines of Free Speech as defined in the Courts:

Our Constitution and the Fourth Amendment when the conversation comes through the lens lines of Attorneys and the needs in Balance of  what Attorney's would refer to as  "Personal Rights on Privacy" and "State Rights on Security" as a derived simplified line.  The actual matter of Rights is a point where Attorney's as experts are the owners of Product and the only meaning of a mention of  "Rights" here is to place to the context of the conversations on Risk in context.

Our derived needs here are to consider what are the points of needs for Consumers and for Government (Compliance from an Operational Standpoint on procedures) and how the two will come to meet through core data lines on Data, Financials and Communications all very relevant to lines on Privacy, Security, Data and Financial Security and the needs on management for Risk + Cyber.

For Business a key challenge is the need for open lines for innovation and secure lines for Risk Management.  This is the push-pull point where Risk + Cyber and Regulation, Risk Management and Open Lines for Innovation and Communications must find the path to co-existence in one manner or the next in the Economy.

Find the newer lines on Risk + Core Financials, Risk + Cyber and Risk Management that all pertain to points where a strong cross connection and outcome pertains to skills we provide on Financials, Compliance,. Economic Research, Communications and Awareness, Project Management and Business Analysis and other key points to help on Cost-Benefit Weighted Policy lines for the Economy with awareness for Stakeholders.

Learn more at DCarsonCPA and on web under brand DCarsonCPA. 

Checking in on the Borough Lines a few points from last week

Last week in overview: A week of Global Trade add Cyber Security as following the lines of needs in the Economy for growth, improvements and renewals.  The balance of the needs on Growth, Risk Management and Cyber Security make for an interesting new Angle on the many tiered layers of Risk in the Economy and we have dedicated to help on the lines of awareness to the core of value in light of significant challenges where we ALL meet as stakeholders in the Economy.

Last Week was a substantial week in NYC for Business. NYC had the Annual EY event on Mutual Funds, the British Consulate Hosted the Annual US - UK BACC Meetings, Columbia University had an Event at SIPA on Internet Governance and Cyber Security and there was an International Business Week (World Trade Week NYC 2015) meeting at Baruch (one that we regrettably learned of late and missed and these are just the events at the top of the List.

We had plenty to learn and follow last week on a path of growth and will return to recap the takeaways soon. That noted...

I'll leave some space here to add other major events from a quick look back to follow.

Generally speaking, you don't have to miss events, you can follow DCarsonCPA the Empire Line or map to our landing page which we will soon rework to map in much more on the update lines at DCarsonCPA on the Empire Lines.

Where you can find support lines on Trade, Global Research, Financials, Entity and Sector Lines, LOBs on Services and much more.


On Accounting, Financials. Taxes, CFO / Advisory, Project Management and Business Analysis. Risk Management and more in the Aggregate. On the Aggregate Line. All elements of Our lines to the needs to help on leadership, management and staff development support to help on the Economy and Growth with cross skills and unique perspectives from cross functional research with the perspective to help both on services and on the economy.

This is a quick return to the update lines for the Empire Line for the Borough lines as we focus to some core needs to help on the Economy with cross sector teamwork where we meet in the Economy through the Financials on support lines for project services, research and outreach as greater defined at DCarsonCPA.

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Restauranters and Sustainable Seafood

In a nod to the Oceanographers and Marine Biologists who are working to maintain sustainable food resources in Our Oceans and in appreciation of the Great Work at Monterey Bay Aquarium on Sustainable Fisheries find a link on our NYC Blog for NYC Seafood Restauranters to connect with good options in support of the Oceans.

When it comes to the Environment Our Chosen Areas to help are on Agriculture and responsible Stewardship of the Ocean and Waterways for a better Future for the next generation and to help support in our way to help on the efforts to reclaim miles of Waterways that can be recaptured  and managed for a greener New York City in the years ahead.

If your Non Profit works in NYS Agriculture, Biology or Science... reach out to us we can help on efficient services for Form 990 and more. If you are a Restauranter we are also here to assist on broad services. Learn more at . DCarsonCPA for Financial Decision Makers and the ways we can help on assisting improvements through knowledge and awareness.

NYC Water Fees

NYC Charter on  NYC Water Fees:

Where "Unfunded Federal and State Mandates" are pushing the costs up on NYC Residents as per the Financial Footnotes... see the rate Statute and an erpt from the Annual Report explaining the Hikes that are currently hiting NYC Business and Residential Financials through Water Bills

§  1045-j.  Imposition and disposition of sewer and water fees, rates,
  rents or charges. 1. The water board shall establish,  fix  and  revise,
  from  time  to time, fees, rates, rents or other charges for the use of,
  or services furnished, rendered  or  made  available  by,  the  sewerage
  system  or water system, or both, as the case may be, owned by the water
  board pursuant to this title in such amount  at least sufficient at  all
  times so as to provide funds in an amount sufficient together with other
  revenues available to the board, if any, (i) to pay to the authority, in
  accordance  with  any agreement with the authority, an amount sufficient
  for the purpose of paying the principal  of  and  the  interest  on  the
  outstanding notes or bonds of the authority as the same shall become due
  and payable and maintaining or funding a capital or debt service reserve
  fund  therefor  and, to the extent requested by the city in, or annually
  pursuant to, the agreement to pay to the city, in  accordance  with  the
  agreement,  an amount sufficient for the purpose of paying the principal
  of and interest on  general  obligation  bonds  thereof  issued  for  or
  allocable  to  the  water system or sewerage system or both, as the case
  may be, as the same shall become due and payable,  and  to  maintain  or
  fund  reserves therefor, (ii) to pay to the city, in accordance with the
  agreement, an amount sufficient for the purpose of paying the  costs  of
  administering,  maintaining,  repairing  and  operating  and the cost of
  constructing capital improvements to the water system or sewerage system
  or both, as the case may be, (iii) to pay to the city in accordance with
  the agreement entered into pursuant to section one thousand forty-five-i
  of this title an amount sufficient for the purpose of paying liabilities
  issued for or allocable to the water system or sewerage system or  both,
  as  the  case  may be, as the same shall become due and payable, (iv) to
  meet any requirements of any agreement including  requirements  relating
  to  the  establishment  of  reserves for renewal and replacement and for
  uncollected charges and covenants respecting rates, (v) to pay all other
  reasonable and necessary expenses of the authority and the  water  board
  in  relation thereto, and (vi) to the extent requested by the city in or
  pursuant to the agreement, to pay or provide for such other purposes  or
  projects  as such city considers appropriate and in the public interest.
  Any surplus of funds remaining in the water board  after  such  payments
  have  been made shall be returned to the city for deposit in the general
    2. There is hereby established in the custody of  the  water  board  a
  special  fund  to  be  known  as  the  local water fund. Such fund shall
  consist of the revenues derived from the fees, rates, rents and  service
  charges  established,  charged  and collected pursuant to this title and
  any other income earned or moneys received by the water board.  Revenues
  in  the  local  water  fund  shall  be  kept  separate  and shall not be
  commingled with any other moneys in the custody of the water board.  All
  moneys,  properties  and  assets acquired by the water board, whether as
  revenues or otherwise, shall be held by it in trust for the purposes  of
  carrying  out  its  powers  and  duties, and shall be used and reused in
  accordance with the purposes and provisions of this article.
    The water board shall deposit promptly, to the  credit  of  the  local
  water  fund,  revenues  collected  under this article in a bank, banking
  house or trust company as may  be  designated  in  or  pursuant  to  the
    3. No such fee, rate, rent or other charge shall be established, fixed
  or revised unless and until the water board has held a public hearing at
  which  the users of the water system or sewerage system, or both, as the
  case may be, the owners of property served or to be  served  and  others
  interested,  have  had  an  opportunity to be heard concerning the same.
  Notice of such public hearing shall be published by the water  board  at
least twenty days before the date set therefor, in at least one newspaper of general circulation in each of the areas served by the water system or sewerage system, as the case may be. Such notice shall set forth the date, time and place of such hearing and shall include a brief description of the matters to be considered at such hearing. A copy of the notice shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the city and shall be available for inspection by the public. At all such hearings, any users of the water system, sewerage system, or both, as the case may be, owners of property served or to be served and any other interested persons shall have an opportunity to be heard concerning the matters under consideration. Any decision of the water board on matters considered at such public hearing shall be in writing and be made available in the office of the water board for public inspection during regular office hours. Such decision shall be published in at least one newspaper of general circulation in each of the areas served by the water system or sewerage system, as the case may be within thirty days after such decision is made. The fees, rates, rents or other charges so established for any class of users of property served shall be extended to cover any additional premises thereafter served which are within the same class, without the necessity of a hearing thereon. 4. The fees, rates, rents or other charges established, fixed and revised from time to time by the water board shall be collected by the water board at such times and in such manner as may be determined by the rules and regulations adopted by the water board consistent with the provisions of this title. 4-a. (a) The water board may enter into agreements with one or more financing agencies or card issuers to provide for the acceptance by the water board of credit cards as a means of payment of fees, rates, rent or other charges owed by a person to the water board. Any such agreement shall govern the terms and conditions upon which a credit card proffered as a means of payment of a fee, rate, rent or other charge shall be accepted or declined and the manner in and conditions upon which the financing agency or card issuer shall pay to the water board the amount of fees, rates, rent or other charges paid by means of a credit card pursuant to such agreement. Any such agreement may provide for the payment by the water board to such financing agency or card issuer of fees for the services provided by such financing agency or card issuer pursuant to such agreement, which fees may consist of a discount deducted from or payable in respect to the amount of each such fee, rate, rent or other charge or otherwise as the agreement may provide. (b) If the water board has entered into an agreement pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subdivision, it may accept credit cards as a means of payment of fees, rates, rent or other charges, as provided in any agreement entered into pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subdivision and may pay such fees as are specified in such agreement to such financing agency or card issuer in consideration of the services rendered by such financing agency or card issuer thereunder; provided, however, that the water board may require any person offering a credit card as a means of payment of such fee, rate, rent or other charge to pay to the water board a reasonable administrative service fee not to exceed the costs incurred by the water board in connection with such credit card transaction, which costs shall include any fee payable by the water board to such financing agency or card issuer. (c) The water board may promulgate any rules or regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this subdivision. (d) For purposes of this subdivision, the terms "card issuer", "credit card", "financing agency" and "person" shall have the same meaning as
provided in subdivision (a) of section five of the general municipal law. 5. Such fees, rates, rents or other charges, if not paid when due, shall constitute a lien upon the premises served and a charge against the owners thereof, which lien and charge shall bear interest at the same rate as would unpaid taxes of the city. Such lien shall take precedence over all other liens or encumbrances, except taxes, and may be foreclosed against the lot or building served in the same manner as a lien for such taxes. The amount which remains due and unpaid for sixty days may, with interest thereon at the same rate as unpaid city taxes and with reasonable attorneys' fees, be recovered by the water board in a civil action in the name of the water board against such owners. The city, and any state agency shall be subject to the same fees, rates, rents or other charges under the same conditions as other users of such water system or sewerage system, or both, as the case may be. Tax exempt organizations shall be charged according to the provisions of chapter six hundred ninety-six of the laws of eighteen hundred eighty-seven, as amended by chapters eight hundred ninety-three and eight hundred ninety-four of the laws of nineteen hundred eighty and by provisions which may by law extend the provisions of such chapters from time to time. Any agreement for the supply of water or sewerage services between the city or an agency thereof and any other municipality or water supply system, or any administrative determination by a state agency, or any other arrangement in this regard, in effect at the time the water board shall be established, shall remain in full force and effect and be binding upon the water board as if it were a party to such agreement, determination or other arrangement. All rights, powers, duties, obligations and functions provided by law with respect to the fixing of charges or rates for the supply of water or sewerage services to users outside the city, including but not limited to those set forth in article one of title K of chapter fifty-one of the administrative code of the city of New York and article eight of the environmental conservation law, shall be deemed to apply, as appropriate, to the water board established pursuant to this title. In addition to any other lawful enforcement methods and pursuant to rules and regulations of the water board promulgated pursuant to this title, the payment of fees, rates, rents or other charges for water service or sewerage service to any premises may be enforced by discontinuing the water service or sewerage service to such premises provided that such discontinuance or disconnection of any supply of water or the provision of sewerage service, or both, as the case may be, shall not be carried out except in the manner and upon the notice as is required of a water-works corporation pursuant to subdivisions three-a, three-b and three-c of section eighty-nine-b and section one hundred sixteen of the public service law. 6. The water board shall pay to the authority such amounts at such times and in such manner as may be provided in the agreement by and among the authority, the water board and the city consistent with the priorities set forth in such agreement. There is hereby created a lien, by this title made a statutory lien within the meaning of the uniform commercial code and any other state or federal law, upon the gross revenues of the water board, in favor of the payment of all amounts due pursuant to such agreement and in the order and priority set forth therein and which lien shall be a first lien upon such gross revenues. The gross revenues so subject to such statutory lien shall be and remain subject to such statutory lien until the payment in full of each such item in accordance with such priority. Said statutory lien shall not be construed to give any holder or owner of any bond of the authority power
to compel the sale of any water system or sewerage system, as the case may be. 7. If there be any default by the water board in the making of the payments to the authority required under this section, as a result of the failure by the water board to impose sufficient fees, rates, rents or other charges, the authority may petition for the appointment by any court having jurisdiction in any proper action of a receiver to administer on behalf of the water board, under the direction of said court, the affairs of the water board in order to achieve system revenues at least sufficient to make such payments; and by and with the approval of said court, to establish, fix and revise, from time to time, fees, rates, rents or other charges at least sufficient therefor in conformity with this title, and the resolution or trust indenture of the authority providing for the issuance of its bonds and in accordance with such orders as the court shall make. 8. The water board shall prepare and transmit to the city on or before the first day of December in each year a list of those persons or property owners within such city who are in arrears in the payment of fees, rates, rents or other charges for a period of sixty days or more after the last day fixed for payment thereof without penalty. The list shall contain a brief description of the properties for which the services were provided, the names of the persons liable to pay for the same and the amounts chargeable to each, including penalties and interest computed to the next succeeding December thirty-first. The city shall levy such sums against the properties liable and shall state the amount thereof in a separate column in the annual tax rolls of such city under the name of "delinquent water charges" or "delinquent sewerage charges" or "delinquent water and sewerage charges" as may be appropriate and as may be directed by the water board. Such amounts, as and when collected by the commissioner of finance of the city, shall be paid over to the water board. All of the provisions of the tax laws of the state covering the enforcement and collection of unpaid taxes of the city shall apply to the collection of such unpaid fees, rates, rents or other charges. 9. Neither the public service commission, nor any city or state agency, shall have any jurisdiction over the water board or authority or any power over the regulation of the fees, rates, rents or other charges established, fixed or revised by the water board except with respect to the supply of water or sewerage services to users outside the city as provided in article one of title K of chapter fifty-one of the administrative code of the city of New York. 9-a. The water board shall hold public hearings, in each borough of the city of New York, prior to promulgating or fixing annual water and sewer rates for such city. Notice of such public hearing shall be conspicuously published in a newspaper of general circulation, within each borough, at least one week prior to the hearing.

Note: As of Read Date 10/14/2012 ALL NYC Charter Laws and Rules subject to change and update and you must confirm as filing or relying.

The Rates have gone up on Water as NYC Residents know, the Reason why from the Financials:

FY 2013 Expenditures:
In the coming fiscal year, operations and maintenance

expenses for this vast system will be 34% of the system’s budget. The largest driver of the system’s annual budget will be its debt service, accounting for 42% of the total revenue needed in FY2013. This debt service is a direct result of DEP’s massive capital construction projects, which have been largely driven by
unfunded mandates required by state and federal regulators.

These mandated capital construction projects — such as Croton Water Filtration Plant, Catskill and Delaware Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Facility, and Newtown Creek
Wastewater Treatment Plant — have been financed by debt that will be repaid over the next thirty years. While they will all have significant benefits for the City’s water and wastewater system, constructing them simultaneously has been costly.
For fiscal years 2002 through 2011, 69% of DEP’s capital commitments were directed for mandated projects, and from July 2002 through June 2012, net debt issuance by the New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority is expected to total $19.2 billion, for total outstanding debt of $27.4 billion. The resulting debt service has become the single largest driver of water and wastewater rate increases. While the ratio of mandated to non-mandated capital projects is falling, there are many capital
projects planned and underway to maintain the system, and DEP’s current capital expenditure rate is nearly $9 million per day on construction, design and construction management.
FY 2013 Expense Layouts:

This Extration from the report to keep you better informed on Cost Drivers influencing NYC Financials through increased Water Fees in this case.
 Service your link to services for Financial Decision Makers connecting a line on Government, Industry, Non Profit and Individual needs through Financials. Learn more at .

Opportunities for Business (where you least expect them)

There have been a couple of missed blog opportunities to share with you the adventures of an Entrepreneurial walk in the realm of CPA Services and Advisory connecting on the walk of building out this practice. We have made some strong connections, found some new good friends and are lean and efficient in the many ways to finding new Business Opportunities in NYC.

As a brief list of things to come:

1.  Improving the utilization of NYC Resident CPA talent at the NYC Comptroller's Office through localized service prioritization aka it makes Business sense in civic governance to create first round opportunities for NYC Domiciled CPAs. Remembering that NYC CPAs also pay City Taxes which help on the NYC Debt and boost the localized Economy.

Potential Footnote to the NYC Comptrollers Report for FY XX:

Additionally we were able to decrease the costs of NYC External Audits and boost the local economy through facilitating a special teamworking program in support of NYC CPAs

(we note: It sounds like a win for NYC)

2.  The gate keeper is Increasing your Business Costs through not knowing who to pass through and who to keep out. We can help to better train  them on the gate watch  through connecting their role to Business Economics and Efficiency.

3.  The Dewey Bankruptcy proceding found the missing Assets - but why are yours still Off Balance Sheet aka don't worry we can help. Find that P&L entry that can be reclassed with a little homework:

Journal Entry:

Dr. Cash             xxx

              Cr. Retained Earnings          xxx

(to Record the Liquid Assets we just found in your Business Model)

 4. If your (Nameless Legendary) Entertainment Accounting rep / practice misssed your Assets we found them in the Public Record, We can help you make sure your Global Portfolio Wealth is on the Balance Sheet,  correctly classified, Tracked and Accounted for.

Journal Entry:

Dr. Your Portfolio Assets  (via Cash)   XXX

        Cr. Net Worth                                          XXX

(to recapture Assets in your Global Porfolio Wealth )

5. If you are not measuring your business processes and dashboarding, you are losing real financial opportunities. Use the tools of Accounting, Finance and Compliance to maximize the Financial Opportunities you meet in your business.

6.Modesty will get you "know" where - for the most part we run an even keel considering the amount of hands on experience we bring . We know how to solve problems from hands on experience bottom up and top down on financials, it makes for a comprehensive cross sectional value proposition on Strategic and Operational skills but we are light on touting it - I am going to rethink that one. Because what we know while delivered with Modesty is a Real Financial Value package to help you in Strength on Strategy and Operations.

7. I found a great process map on Engagement from an English Firm yesterday.... I'll work that in to a future post.

8. We finally connected on a lead to build out the Agriculture Lines.... we are on on the commitment to build with knowledge that can help in support of US Agriculture right here from NYC..... in support of NY and US Family Farmers. I am so glad that we can do this...

9. When IP (Intellectual Property) leads you to the Photographer from Melody Maker... and he hands you a picture he took of James Marshall H (talk about IP!) in the Heyday of Soho (no not NY Soho, London Soho....) Chance encounters in NYC are some of the best Encounters at the cross roads of  the World...aka This is why I love New York and you should too!!! .... but always remember we like your State, City and town too it's not Mutually exclusive and there are many great locations across this fine Nation of Ours.

If there was a hint of the cavalier intention to upset anyone... we are just proud of the knowledge that's been built in support of Financial Decision Makers in Government, Industry, Non Profit and Individual roles on Financials. This line is Focused on NYC, but we are the line that connects on Local, State and National needs on Financials so learn more at:  your weblink to Our Practice, Our Practice is here with knowledge, experience, teamwork and research that can help to lead on Financial Decision Making - drop by to learn more.

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NYC History - A litle bit on Big Events and some Economic Connections

Most of Our efforts are focused on current events, following news on Legislation, Financial Rules, Taxes, Economic and Financial events that are important for Financial Decision Makers and the avenues where CPA's can add support on Services and also contribute in a productive way to the Community.

CPAs work with Financial, Operational, Accounting, Tax and Analytical Data in different ways and we have broadend the scope where we specifically exist to connect that CPA's are at work across the Economy in Government, Industry, Non Profit and Individual supporting roles. We work with Financial skills as a class of professionals. Financial skills that have equal relevance to Family, Individual, Non Profit, Industry and Government Financials and related problem solving.

This shared what also happens is that CPA's become Financial Historians looking at Facts connecting to events and understanding the history in Financial terms. This   skill set exists in close compliment to Legal Skills enough so that through crossing a nearby bridge to broader Laws and Rules that a CPA has skills which when connected to Legal Research  and Government Research can evolve to support Attorney's with Legal Support Services.  It is probably more common then not within my peer group that we tend to appreciate history since we spend so much time working with Historical Financials. You can poll that for results if you like, I am now going to segue to another interesting and loosely related point where NYC History and Economic Events connect through some off track research I was working on, It makes for an interesting read and I hope you will enjoy.

Narrowing in, I have a line of relatives that where very active in the foundation of NYS a line which goes back to the very early days when New York was New Amsterdam. In the States Our History lines are comparatively short but this would go back to the 1600s and is about as far as it goes in these parts. This is important because it brings us back to a line of Colonials who fought in the American Revolution and while these United States have evolved in many ways since then we still value the path of growth. We are the most unique and diverse city in NYC and all of that counts for the good that we are today but there also was a long and complex path to meet modernity. Something of a Nation is lost when it fails to value the improvements that have been made together, it is therefore important to remember the path of evolvement and to know that ALL along the way there have been New Yorkers pushing for Improvement and proud Americans working for a better future of Equality, Opportunity, Financial Independence and a Nation where Liberty and Justice for All could prevail and thrive. It would be hard to argue that that pursuit has yet met it's
fullest point but you could fairly state that we are always improving upon that path as a Nation.

For a process of almost three years in leading this practice there was a deep process of connecting with Rules, Laws and considering where the past, the present and the future meet and how we could help decision makers across the board in the Economy. The answer for us was in connecting to Our Roots, Our Shared Foundation the vision of the Nation, The Financials the current challenges in Public Finance and then celebrating the evolving history of what we share as a progressive nation, a Constitutional Republic where rugged individualism and the vision that the strong can protect the weak manage to find a meeting ground, and a vision that we all must excercise self reliance and work for success.

There has never been a more complex time in the Nation and the sheer enormity of Government, Local , State and National and Public Finance, supporting Financial Decision Makers and helping on the points where we all join together count. We have a strong vision that the best ways we can help are on the immediate Financial challenges for Clients and with a broader vision to continually grow in ability to help on knowledge for Public Decision making support for Families, Individuals, Communities, Localities, States and the National future we share.

This is an important time not to divide for differences, but to draw together for problem solving for the future we share as a Nation with shared Economic Interests. The points where we ALL work together as Financial Decision Makers are points where we can productively support the importance of the Nation, through valuing History, Progress, Growth and the idea that we are ALL custodians, trustees and beneficiaries in the Nations Economy with a duty to protect the Legacy of Trust for an Independent Nation with Economic Freedom, the vision of Equality and what we value together looking forward. The only way we really succeed is with a sense of Community and of Independence and Self Reliance, through the dignity of work and opportunities that support Families, Individuals, Communities and the Future we share.

It's the most complicated and challenging work of ALL through Governance to balance the lines of Individual Rights, Family, Individual and Community needs and the way that the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches work together through rule of law to piece it ALL together. We can only help on Financial Decision Making currently, but with sucess can open the pathways to help on broader needs by closing the GAP on Legal Title to work in the capacity to combine Financial and Legal skills to make a difference in the balance. Most of us lose interest and walk away from the Public Decision Making but it is an important way to make a difference. Each small part adds value to support Decision Makers.

Back on track I was conducting some research into New York History and following the line of a Family member through the Journals of NY History and an amazing account of that members Regiments contribution to the Nation's History when in that account I found ALL the complex history of  Economics, Finance, Politics and the divided nature of the Nation during the Civil War and the important role of NY Bankers and some split loyalties when it crossed into this poignant resource on great events in NY History:

NYC had a massive Draft Riot in 1863 with some social ugliness that was led by the seeds of discontent, some dodgy dealing by a well financed activist that utilized Wall Street in thier bad intents to sow discord and a backdrop complex dichotomy between State Rights and Federal Rights through a Federal Act of the time. The reading was a little bit more complex and I am ommitting the resource here that provided the backgound official view that it was a  well financed activist who caused the discord but the reading of what happened in NYC some 150 years ago read like some incredible movie. I am glad that we live in better times and that we have grown on relationships
respect and rule of law but still the history teaches that we have much to appreciate in improvement as a City, in the State and as a Nation.

This was more of a personal experience but since it led me to Economic, Social
and Financial History of this great city I thought it was to important to share this link then to let it go:

Follow this link to an interesting Historical Account of some major Economic, Financial and Social events that shaped NY via the Non Profit of a prominent NYC resident who really valued NYC history and cared enough to endow for the knolwedge of important Economic, Social, Political, Financial and Rights events that have shaped NYC as we know it today. The reason to share is to let you see more of the complex history, so we can value improvements and for Leaders to see the complex problems....

I found it very interesting and hope you will too... also know that we value people,
diverse groups, individuals, families, communities and all that we share. We find Problem solving in the Public Forum very interesting and these events help paint the complexity, improved civility and complex challenges that have been solved here in NY over many years.

Link to

CUNY Website in Virtual NY ( big challenges in History). where the immediate opportunity on Client Services also connects with an important Broader vision of needs we ALL share as Financial Decision Makers in the Economy. The vision is also to grow skills that can help on Problem Solving skills in Governance looking forward as we hopefully find sucess in growing in transition with Legal Skills to better position for forward leading roles to help on challenges.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Money NYC - Tracking NYC Spending

Keeping up with the good work from NYC on supporting City Residents with insight to the Nation's largest metropolitan center:

My Money NYC,  a tool from the Office of Comptroller Liu to track NYC Government spending.

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