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DCarsonCPA Decision Lines

DCarsonCPA Decision Lines:

Decision Lines on the Economy and Financials

Our Domestic #Economist and #Analyst lines with the #CoreFinancials and The #AbstractValue to #ValueinContext to help on the #EPCLines of #entity #policy and #community needs through financials to the seen and foreseeable users of Financial Decision Making Information. A support line to #Shareholder AND #SocietalStakeholder needs. #CFO #PM #BA #Analyst

We built Our Line from the Foundation in 2010 from the back bone structure of more than 16 years in Audit through CFO, Controlling and Lean Management Consulting in support of Fortune 500, FTSE 100. DAX and SME, SMB lines including NYC Comptrollers Office Volunteer experience working on the City Charter and Code lines for the #CommercialRentTax . What a great line of experience has been ours over the last more than 8 years working with advanced skills on cross functional Economist, Risk, Actuarial, Analyst, Financial, Legal, Technology and Social Research to better help Entity, Policy and Community Decision Makers from various roles to do more with the value that runs through financials and logistics supported by accounting and analysis, financials, reporting, regulatory compliance, technology, communications and other key points to needs. While we work to back full the more commonly and readily understandable lines of an MA in Economics, MS in Quant and a JD in Law as funds and opportunities avail, we work with a rare set of cross functional skills that speak to the potential of Boards, Directors, Senior Executives, Management, Staff, Policy and Community lines to work better together with financials in a more long term horizon to needs for sustainable growth with logistics and risk management support. Our evolved Framework to a Legal Economist and Engineers line to help on the Economy and Policy to help reach the needs of Citizen Stakeholders and Communities with continual improvements.

Management Consultants are the last hired first fired line of excess staffing in the Economy and Financials and that has been a line that has brought us to the height of heights and the Depth of Vallleys in the Economy and Financials an experience which has only expanded our range to help you face the challenges and the needs on Entity Governance #GRC  #Compliance  #RiskManagement and relevant needs for Entity,Policy and Community  Stakeholders on Monetary and X Factor Societal Value Chains.  During the Construction of the DCarsonCPA lines many generous Economists, Librarians, Policy Making support lines, Regulators,Non Profit, NGO,Industry,Attorney, Legal, Engineering and other lines were kind in helping us to learn and grow as they understood Our Long Goal to help on the Economy, the Connection of Legal and Policy to underlying Financials, and overall Economist, Analyst, Financial, Legal, Technology and Teamwork lines to help on Entity and Cross Sector needs  in the Economy and Financials . One Drop of Rain to a Bucket of murky water added to additional drops of rain leads to the cleansing of an Eco System to rational improvements to help on Decision Making in strong #GRC and #ITGRC frameworks that serve as the middle link from Policy to Favorable and Desired including X Factor Societal Outcomes for improvements on #ExceptionalTeamwork to help on Domestic and Allied lines for improvements. Across the model  of Local,Regional, State, Multi-State,National to Global Decision Making in the Aggregate where the complexity is to manage for needs on#EGALBO  and for reasonable support to Our Friends to the line of Freedom and Liberty, A historical line from the foundation of Freedom and Liberty to the Legacy of Trust that we have inherited in common and must work together to preserve for present and forward generations with pursuit of a compelling line to help #innovation with #innovationstewardship to the sustainable lines of community needs on #jobs #opportunities and #partcipation lines for #communities. We build with #GRLSTEM and when the #Economists told us to #BuildaModel we took it to heart to prepare for workflows with #DSGEModels and #ModelFRB to a next level Macro Model of cross functional analysis and while we have much to prove and much yet to learn we submit that as far as #Legal #Economists go we bring something very special and unique to help on the Line, Staff and Community points of needs where in this #knowledgeage we build for both entity and Societal Improvements in the Aggregate.

#DCarsonCPANET go forward lines next gen #DCarsonCPA.  We can help on  Services, Applied Research and Outreach to help empower your role as a CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, CRO, CAO, CLO, CISO, CSO or other key team member,  as a director and board member and / or as and Executive, Legislative or Judicial Branch Decision Maker in the Aggregate with a line out on Advisory to work on both entity and team member growth and renewal to a core model of #GRLSTEM


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NYC Empire Lines Daily Lines on the NYC and NYS Economy and Financials

NYC Empire Lines Daily Lines on the NYC and NYS Economy and Financials
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DCarsonCPA Tax Services

DCarsonCPA Tax Services DCarsonCPA Tax Services at

DCarsonCPA Empire Lines and Borough Lines

DCarsonCPA Empire Lines Presents Borough Lines:

An NYC state of the Line, Staff and Community needs in the Economy and Financials since 2010:

Direct to Services, Applied Research and Outreach support for Industry, Non Profit, NGO, Government, Individual, Family and Community support services lines at

DCarsonCPA Catching Up at 2018

DCarsonCPA Catching Up at 2018:

This line is one of  Many Lines from  DCarsonCPA and our original framework on support to CPA Accounting Services, Taxation, Financials, Compliance and Advisory from NYC.  From the line of Education at Pace University and Volunteer work with NYC Comptroller's Office During the Giulliani Administrations earliest days and observing the transition in NYC Government while supporting an Audit Team on the NYC Commercial Rent Tax (CRT) at which time we were fortunate to meet and work with some fine and dedicated professionals including a former GAO and OMB SES staff member and director of   Education Services and a team of dedicated Government Auditors at the same time as we were studying Governmental Fund Accounting , and following books on choices to the various lines of Careers in Accounting across Government, Industry, Non Profit and Community lines and equally pursuing a path to Harvard Kennedy School of Government or the NYU School for Public Administration for better or worse going to an Industry Career path from there in Financial and Service Sector Lines but never losing a value in context to Public Service and seeking to help on needs. A path which comes from a family line of the Dutch of New Amsterdam and multiple generations of Defense, National Guard and Community Service most recently to the lines of an NYC Fireman and an NYC Math Teacher 2 generations back who were strong to the lines of a commitment to service and community with the experiences on their lines of saving lives  and empowering lives to work with Math. We can understand more clearly now in retrospect that with strong Family Lines to Brooklyn and the Bronx that the City has always been a part of Our Foundational DNA and the Connection of Civil Servants, Health Professionals and historical role persons in the proud foundation of NYC, NYS and the Nation that invariably we would work to find Our Way to help on Forward needs its in the fiber of the being to look to help on needs.

We have been consistently working on NYC, NYS, National, International and Global Research lines as bootstrapping Services and working to Economist and Analyst lines with Legal Skills to help on Fiscal Policy Level needs on Local, Regional, State, Multi-State, National and Global lines with a view to needs that there is a common line of needs for synergy where Industry, Non Profits, NGOs, Government and Communities meet in the Eco System and that to the core of macro decision making there are some challenges across the disconnect to entity financials and the overall lines of macro policy and legal frameworks that guide how we raise, spend and optimize the utilization of what are invariably limited resources in Economic Terms to Societal needs. We are blessed to have been from such a wonderful capital of knowledge and learning at the global cross roads in NYC an are equally blessed with strong lines to the Nations Capital, The Many States and Cities and International Sister City and Allied Nation lines with awareness to help on needs. For the US, UK, France, Germany, EU, Americas, Asia Pacific Lines and as much diversity flows to NYC as an international capital but never losing the context of the Nation and Our City as a subset of Our Nation and the path we all walk to build for Exceptional Teamwork as the calling to bring our skills together and not divide on path to meeting challenges and opportunities for economic improvements in entity and societal conditions which ultimately pertain to citizen stakeholder needs first and foremost even as encompassing the welcome sense of an open identity as a safe place for Humanity in its bounty.

So with the focus to help on NYC, NYS , Multi-State National and Global Challenges (mostly from a dimension of NYC to Global to help on Trade, Awareness and other lines of growth, risk and logistics and STEM needs) we have been since 2010 at work on a line of Economic and Social Research which pertains to the value we can bring to clients in any sector and the value we can bring through continual learning to help on the economy, learning which as noted includes domestic and global lines of financial decision making, economics, statistics, financials, legal, technology and social research to as many lines as it takes to support an Executive, Legislative and / or Judicial Decision Maker in NYC, NYC or the Nation including Trade and knowing that through having challenged our skills to that higher level of Policy, that the included Subset Lines of Entities and Eco Systems, Markets, Products, Sectors and for Profit or Dual Benefit X Factor lines ie in non profits and government lines to communities can only benefit from our agility across macro and  micro decision making points, as fortune to have worked with major industry and international players (Fortune 500 and FTSE 100) as AIG (NY, UK), WPP Group USA (NY to UK Parent), Deutsche Bank (NY to London, Frankfurt),  and other SME lines with the benefit of Rigour and Structure of Large Entities and the Agility to Mold to needs more common from SME lines where hands on skills and a can do attitude mean everything to CEO and teamwork support across client, vendor, business, regulatory, shareholder an stakeholders and making payrolls and supporting Regulators, Bankers, Business Partners, Investors, Creditors, Clients and Vendors with financial insight.

With that much knowledge and a passion for cross functional economic, statistical, legal, financial and social research we will return here and update some more but note these lines have been carried forward since 2015 and from origin at our original blog at 2011 to present at  .

We can help on your needs on #Economist #analyst #socialresearch  #legalresearch ( #legalassistant ) #CFO #Controller #accounting #Taxes #Financials #Compliance #Technology and #communications needs at .

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Senator Rufus King, a (Massachusetts) Signer of the Constitution, Abolitionist and First US Ambassador to England after the Revolution - his weekend home in Jamaica, Queens, NY

In Draft:

Senator Rufus King, Signer of the Constitution, Abolitionist and First US Ambassador to England after the Revolution

The things that you find in NY will surprise you consistently as you walk with the modern and find yourself at once inextricably close to a theme of Revolutionary discovery.  Such an experience is least expected in Jamaica Queens NY which is currently known more as a Transport Hub then the historical home of Senator Rufus King one of the original Massachusetts signers of the Constitution, a vocal opponent of Slavery, and the First US Ambassador to England after the Revolution.

What was once his Holiday House and retirement abode is currently a museum located in the heart of Jamaica Queens NY near the Family Courts and the Social Security Administration in Queens and not so far from the Air Rail to JFK Airport. The spacious abode was a build out from a smaller house to a bigger Farm and as touring the house per chance it became interesting to observe Senator Rufus King's affiliation which is not so commonly anticipated but speaks to something interesting in NY History worth further research.

New York has an important history that roots to the foundation of these United States. In the North in Westchester and upstate in Albany / Rensselear this is more readily apparent. But in the City the signs are more subtle consisting of more limited remnants of the birth of the Nation, many sites in Brooklyn and in Jamaica Queens

The New York State Historical Society has some strong resources on History as does the NY Public Library (link here to the Digital Collection)

Senator Kings dining room / guest room

Senator Kings Dining Room and the three part break away table that converted the room to a parlour with three guest tables and a dance  music floor for guests bearing notable strong acoustics and as such being converted several times a year for chamber music  and folk music performances.

There is more on the museum here at the Rufus King Museum site which is King Manor Museum.

Rufus King had a prolific library, the books from which currently reside with the New York Historical Society. They were hidden behind four paneled walls and if you see it (know that they were full prior to transfer to the NYS HS for safekeeping in climate control) you'll understand that he read alot as the account was he had to be pulled from the reading room where he would spend hours reading and studying as much knowledge as you could expect was needed in the formation of the Nation and conduct of Trade and other key needs related to Policy, Communications and Research.

In what was his favorite room with as many books as one would read in the pursuit of as much knowledge as is required of leadership in a pre-information technology age one can appreciate the sense that Senator King was dedicated to learning and growth.

Will map on more on his personal story here.

The odd and strong link of connection being in follow up to a meeting at BACC finding such a strong link of connection in Jamaica, NY as a location with a rich history in connecting the US - UK lines through diplomacy.

Following the Lines from SIPA Columbia NYC on the Breakout panels on Risk + Cyber including the Balance of Privacy and Accountability.

In draft:

NYC has been seeing a series of meetings where important parties are coming together to discuss the needs on Risk + Cyber as related to Technology and Innovation and the Global lines on Risks to Free Speech on the main lines of Global Communication through Technology.  This maps to our lines on the local, regional, state, multi-state, national and transnational lines on Risk + Cyber (via Risk Management) as key lines related to cross sector financials and ALL to common risks observed where ALL sectors are seeing critical challenges on the private data and financial lines of risk.  We are all relevant stakeholders to the needs on Risk + Cyber which in the current age touches most everything in the Economy.

The SIPA Columbia Event is a critical event for Global Lines on follow up to Risk and Cyber lines to the Balance of Personal Liberties and Shared Accountability on a Local, State, Multi-State, National and Global Scale. Teamwork on Risk + Cyber is now moving to a faster pace and covers critical needs none the least of which correspond to Human Rights, Liberty, Freedom, Democracy itself and the deep complexity of Finding Consensus to the Balance of Local, State, Multi-State, National and Global needs. If you like Policy it's one of the more complex and interesting lines and the actual orchestration of  the critical needs on Risk + Cyber are reliant to conform with the needs and Framework of Rules and Laws that indeed the roots of Risk at times seem unbound to. Meaning that Threat Actors on Risk have some leeway to Accountability until such point in time as more cohesive lines are established to allow the cyber world to draw closer to lines of Global Regulation. But how do you map a creative format to a regulated one? well that is indeed the formation of the matter of the SIPA meetings, the President's Directives on Cyber, the Earlier Fordham Session on Cyber Law and National Security from the End of April.  All more relevant to Our Lines on Cyber but also very relevant to the needs of New Yorkers for a reasonable expectation of a balance of personal liberty and shared accountability in the Aggregate where Risk Management and Cyber Security meet and the key challenge becomes balancing needs on Privacy and Risk in gross oversimplification.

At the crux of the matter on Risk + Cyber the lines of Free Speech as defined in the Courts:

Our Constitution and the Fourth Amendment when the conversation comes through the lens lines of Attorneys and the needs in Balance of  what Attorney's would refer to as  "Personal Rights on Privacy" and "State Rights on Security" as a derived simplified line.  The actual matter of Rights is a point where Attorney's as experts are the owners of Product and the only meaning of a mention of  "Rights" here is to place to the context of the conversations on Risk in context.

Our derived needs here are to consider what are the points of needs for Consumers and for Government (Compliance from an Operational Standpoint on procedures) and how the two will come to meet through core data lines on Data, Financials and Communications all very relevant to lines on Privacy, Security, Data and Financial Security and the needs on management for Risk + Cyber.

For Business a key challenge is the need for open lines for innovation and secure lines for Risk Management.  This is the push-pull point where Risk + Cyber and Regulation, Risk Management and Open Lines for Innovation and Communications must find the path to co-existence in one manner or the next in the Economy.

Find the newer lines on Risk + Core Financials, Risk + Cyber and Risk Management that all pertain to points where a strong cross connection and outcome pertains to skills we provide on Financials, Compliance,. Economic Research, Communications and Awareness, Project Management and Business Analysis and other key points to help on Cost-Benefit Weighted Policy lines for the Economy with awareness for Stakeholders.

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